Porter Sesnon Gallery

Porter College / College 5 Alumni, it’s time to reminisce, reconnect, and celebrate 40(ish) years since your time as a student at UC Santa Cruz. In honor of your reunion, we invite you to make a lasting impact by giving back to UCSC, and specifically Porter College, by supporting the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery. 

The Sesnon remains an important part of UCSC campus culture for today’s students. It aspires to meet all the visual needs of the university with a variety of exhibitions and programs, however, it has long been under-resourced. Your support will help the gallery expand its resources for student internships, exhibition programming, and the arts alumni network

Here are some words from your fellow alumni about this campaign:

Porter College is the center of the performing and visual arts communities on campus and it has been since it opened as College Five back in 1969. The galleries at Porter, and particularly the Porter Sesnon Gallery, have always been UCSC's primary showcases for painting, sculpture, photography, and even performance art. Every Porter/Five alumni knows what it means to go to a gallery show at the college: it's a capstone for a new artist. If Porter is the center of UCSC's arts scene, those galleries are its heart. Supporting and even growing those opportunities for young artists is at the very core of what Porter College does” - John Flynn (Porter, 1985)

The Porter Sesnon Gallery was an important space for me as a college student. I initially walked through the doors because I knew someone who was exhibiting, but once I discovered what it offered, I would routinely check out what was on display. That gallery, and my ongoing exposure there to art of all kinds, helped define who I am and what I value. As the largest of the gallery spaces at Porter College, it continues to offer space that benefits not only students who exhibit their artwork, but also students (and the larger campus community) who get to experience it in person. The Porter Sesnon Gallery plays an important role in keeping the arts alive and visible at UCSC, and is therefore deserving of alumni support” - Susan Willats (Porter, ‘81)

Congratulations on your 40th(ish!) reunion. Celebrate this momentous year and give back to the UC Santa Cruz community by making a gift to support the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery!