Match & Challenge Funds

Interested in making a matching gift?

Matches, created by donors for favorite projects, create an incentive for others to give. When someone makes a gift, the donor matches it 1:1 up to the stated amount. For example, when you make a gift of $100 to a project with a pledged match of $1,000, an additional $100 will go to the project. That 1:1 match continues until the full amount of the pledge (in this example, $1,000) has been reached.

If you are interested in making a matching gift, please contact Hanna Mengo at

Interested in making a gift to the challenge fund?

Challenges, also funded by donors, create fun competition between project teams and are additional opportunities to raise bonus funds. The project that has the most unique donors in a specified time period is awarded bonus dollars. Note: If one person makes multiple gifts to the same project during the specified time, it counts as one gift for purposes of the challenge. 

Challenge funds help empower crowdfunding teams to be their own peer-to-peer fundraisers. See the graph below that demonstrates the impact challenge funds have on giving during Giving Day. The lines indicated in the red show when challenge hours occurred and are the times that the most donations were given during Giving Day. 


If you are interested in making a gift to the challenge fund, please contact Hanna Mengo at